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The Magic In Fire Anthology Available Now!

Hey, Worldhoppers!

On December 1st, The Magic in Fire anthology dropped.

I know I’m late!

But on the upside, it’s not too late to grab your copy. The anthology features A H Serrano’s Vile & Blessed prequel story, Conviction by Fire.

Here’s a synopsis of Conviction by Fire:

Blessed with the power of fire, Lhii Fuéra’s duty is to protect, but in the aftermath of a murder, she’s the one placed on trial. As the daughter of a great general, Lhii soon realizes that justice matters little among the powerful, and she's faced with a choice: become the victim or blame the victim.

The Magic in Fire is exactly what it sounds like.

Twelve stories - Thirteen authors.

One theme - The Magic in Fire.

You can grab The Magic in Fire, featuring Conviction by Fire by A H Serrano by clicking here:


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