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The Magic in Fire Anthology featuring A H Serrano

Hey, Worldhoppers!

There are stories that we want to tell at Emergent Realms that don’t always fit into novels we’re writing, but we’d love to tell them to you anyway.

Today, I want to talk about one of them called Conviction by Fire by A H Serrano. The story is a prequel to Vile & Blessed.

Here’s a synopsis of Conviction by Fire:

Blessed with the power of fire, Lhii Fuéra’s duty is to protect, but in the aftermath of a murder, she’s the one placed on trial. As the daughter of a great general, Lhii soon realizes that justice matters little among the powerful, and she's faced with a choice: become the victim or blame the victim.

Sounds awesome, right? Lhii fans rejoice!

So, naturally, you’re thinking: “how do I get this story?”

We decided to team up with twelve other authors to bring you this story in an anthology called The Magic in Fire.

Twelve stories - Thirteen authors.

One theme - The Magic in Fire.

We could just put up A H Serrano’s story by itself, but it’s a much better value to you if you get it along with eleven other stories.

You can pre-order The Magic in Fire, featuring Conviction by Fire by A H Serrano by clicking here:

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