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"Strangers in the Promised Land" Ebook Now Available In The Merch Store

Jim Wilbourne's novella, Strangers in the Promised Land, is now available to buy directly from Emergent Realms! It is still available to buy on Amazon, but it is no longer on Kindle Unlimited.

To avoid spoilers and best follow the plot, this book is best read after The Seventh Cadence (The Continua Chronicles: Book 1). If you haven't read The Seventh Cadence yet, you can grab it for $0.99 until June 27, 2024.

Ready to get straight to Strangers in the Promised Land? Check out the blurb below and grab your copy today!

After the battle at the Shadow Peaks, Amie and Mara Kruv are left with nothing but the scant clothes on their backs and an injured horse. Thinking that they’ve finally struck a bit of luck, the sisters run into three soldiers who agree to escort them home. But there is more to these soldiers than they realize, and they find themselves as the unwitting accomplices to three deserters of the Deseran Dominion army.

Want even more from Jim Wilbourne? He has a free story for you!


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