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Author Talk: Keeping Up with Jim Wilbourne

As we move through 2024, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past few months—a period marked by both trials and triumphs. Let me share some of the key moments from my journey through the intricate landscape of writing and creating.

Challenges in My Writing Projects

The journey through the last part of 2023 into early 2024 has been a testing one, with a few of my projects proving to be more complex than anticipated. 

My responsibilities with Emergent Realms transcend my work as an author and extend to the development of any author we may work with as well as many of the company operations.

Continua 0.5, in particular, demanded more from me in terms of time and creative energy than I had foreseen. It ended with me putting the story away for a time. More on that in a moment.

Similarly, progress on the latest book in the Vile & Blessed series was slower than expected, reminding me that the path of a writer is often winding. We’ve placed this story, including its first novel, on the shelf for now, which you can read about here: Unpublishing Vile & Blessed.

My work with E. R. Ellis III is detailed in his own recent update, so I’ll let him tell you about that here: Author Talk: The Return of E. R. Ellis III.

However, not all was arduous. A shining moment for me was contributing to The Advent of Winter Anthology, a project I was delighted to share, particularly with those who helped bring it to life through Kickstarter. For anyone who missed it, there’s still a chance to explore this work forthcoming in 2024.

Refreshing Collaborations and New Creative Outlets

Amid these challenges, I found new energy through collaboration. Working with a new author at Emergent Realms, E. R. Ellis, we've brought two novels to life—one is now in the editing stage, and the other is being revised. 

Parallel to my novel writing, I've ventured into making video essays on YouTube about fantasy literature’s rich layers, which has been an enriching counterbalance to my fiction writing.

These initiatives highlighted the need for some changes at Emergent Realms, prompting a restructuring aimed at gaining better momentum in 2024 than we had last year. While I am no Brandon Sanderson in terms of output, these strategic adjustments are intended to enhance our creativity and efficiency, particularly my own as much of the day-to-day management of Emergent Realms has consumed so much of my writing time.

Health Hurdles and Adjustments

On a more personal note, I’ve faced some health challenges that affected my usual rhythm. I developed tendonitis in my wrist last year, not from writing but from overzealous drum practice. This year, it reemerged, albeit due to extensive video editing—a consequence of needing to supplement my income after a significant financial setback at the end of 2023.

The return of this ailment forced me to slow down and adopt measures like over-the-counter treatments, heat therapy, and regular breaks. This has meant a slower pace in my writing endeavors, but I remain dedicated to crafting the worlds and stories we all cherish, even if the progress feels more gradual.

Forging Ahead: The Continua Chronicles and More

Despite these obstacles, I’ve made encouraging headway on Book 2 of The Continua Chronicles, reaching the 15% completion mark. This story, as sprawling and interwoven as ever, was slightly hindered by my tendonitis, but because I’ve taken swift action to address the issue, I expect to curb many of the limitations it has presented.

March also marked my return to Book 0.5 of The Continua Chronicles, a project I had to shelve temporarily last year. I’m now revisiting this tale to refine and enhance it, which is also a gentler task for my recovering hands. Revisions offer a different kind of challenge, one that’s somewhat kinder on the body but no less demanding on the mind.

As time marches on, I sometimes feel its weight, but it’s these periods of reflection that often spark new creativity and insight. Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for my work—it means the world. 

Here’s to the ongoing journey into the worlds of imagination we create and share!

If you need something to read while you wait for Jim's next release, you can grab a free story from him to hold you over!

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You're juggling a lot Jim! Just do what you can, don't be afraid to ask others for help and most of all take care of yourself.

We will take the works as they come and I'm sure we will enjoy them and be appreciative of the work you put in!

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