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Shadeborn (Nightblade Saga, Book 4) by Garrett Robinson Audiobook Available Now!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hey, Worldhoppers!

A few weeks ago, I told you about the amazing 3-for-1 audiobook deal on audible for the first three novels in the Nightblade saga by Garrett Robinson. That’s still going on, and you should grab it if you want a fun adventure that follows in the tradition of authors like R. A. Salvatore and Weis & Hickman.

But the adventure that follows the first three installments is Shadeborn, and Emergent Realms has teamed up with Legacy Books to bring you this epic tale.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Desolate upon the road, Loren must fend for herself. The saga of the Nightblade continues across the nine kingdoms.

Loren is listless in the wind. Though the Shades have been revealed, the cost of that knowledge seems too heavy to bear. And once again, Xain is clutched by the tremors of magestone sickness, giving her the excuse she needs to simply not go on.

But now that the Shades have been found, they will not let Loren rest. If the Mystics learn what she knows, all the Shades' dark schemes could be thrown into disarray. 

Northwood will be the first town to burn under their icy fury, but as they hunt for Loren on the road to Feldemar, it will not be the last.

We’re very proud of this adventure thus far, and we can’t wait for you to continue your journey with Robinson’s fantastic cast of characters.

You can get Shadeborn on Audible now by clicking the following link:


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