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Author Talk: Updates from E. R. Ellis III

Hey everyone, ready for another exciting update? Great! I have some things to share. So prepare yourself. Some things will make you smile, others may make you cry, whilst others yet may cause you to shake your head in disbelief. But likely you will just be grateful for the update. I know plenty of people (my family and friends) have been eagerly waiting for the book to drop. I mean who can blame them (I sorta said it would in a podcast two years ago…oops).

Updates about my books

Anyway, what can we talk about for work I’ve done... The prequel has gone through its first round of beta reading and revision. I’m super grateful the readers called out a couple issues Jim and I had already discussed and they could be ironed out early on. Not only do I feel they’ve been very much resolved, but I think the additions to the story from that process make it a stronger story. I’m more of an add than subtract person when it comes to editing. That book is still slated to release this year!

The first full novel (title TBA) has also gone through another final revision… but I still want to rewrite one chapter. I decided I needed to adjust something. Can’t have too many characters interacting with divinities, don’t want to cheapen it. So a fix is incoming for that. 

As for when the full novel will be released, here is where the unfortunate news rears its ugly head. We had this slated for fall, two or three months after the novella prequel. Thing is there is sort of a big event happening around then: Election Day. All the online chatter for the weeks if not months before and after will be consumed by the monster of American politics. 

As a little indie outfit, Emergent Realms and I need all the chatter we can get to make sure the books get out to as many people as possible. There is simply no way to do this during the fall this year so the book release is being postponed until early 2025. It makes me a bit sad, but at the same time I’m excited the book will be fully packaged by the time the marketing ramp up starts around the holidays this year. By that time I’ll be well into book two, which is already outlined.

Updates about Other things

Time for other updates not related to my books. My first year teaching is nearly done. Whirlwind doesn’t begin to describe it. I’m glad I made the change but boy… enough said.

Recently, I got to help out another author on developmental editing—maybe I would be considered an alpha reader? Regardless, I found the experience very enjoyable and rather insightful, which is probably why I was encouraged to participate in the first place. It’s very interesting to see what a very rough draft looks like for different writers and how they plan to flesh things out.

I’m also making a board game with a friend. It’s a project that has been going on for about 8 months. We are very excited about it and are closing in on play-testing the first tier of play, of which there are five planned. Hopefully in a year or two that will be on kickstarter, but that’s a bit further down the road than the books. I’m also working on a TTRPG, which is on the furthest back burner, yet occasionally I will add to that project consistently for a week or two. I’ve always been interested in game design, but in college I did not pursue it, or writing… or teaching…

Anyways, last thing. I’m going to start an uptick of social media posting. As previously stated, I need as much attention as possible to be a commercial success, and while it’s not the most important part of this for me, it does matter. So be sure to follow me on social media and check in at least once a week if you’re interested in whatever nerdy thing I feel like chatting about that day.

Warm Regards,


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