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Hey, Worldhoppers!

At this point, we hope you’re as excited about The Seventh Cadence by Jim Wilbourne as we are. We’ve shown you a great cover, and we’ve given you a few glimpses behind the scenes about the creative process.

But you want more, and we hear you.

Every proper epic fantasy world needs a map. Today, we want to properly introduce you to the world of Continua with a view of the world from on high.

This map has gone through several revisions since the story’s inception. This final version of the world was designed by Nefarious Creations.

Continua is the planet where The Seventh Cadence takes place, and its geography is core to many of the conflicts in the series. Like Earth, the people on Continua struggle for resources and opportunity. If you have an eye for human geography, you can probably see how the world has shaped those conflicts.

But here’s what’s awesome about The Seventh Cadence: This isn’t the only map in the novel.

There are five other location maps included in the novel! That’s right. You not only get a world map, but you get 5 extra maps that detail specific locations in Continua.

I’m sure you’d love to see them, but we can’t just give everything away! Those maps are reserved for when you get your hands on the novel. We really wanted to provide a fantastic experience for you, so this is the icing on the cake.

And don’t worry. The cake is good too!

Here’s what one of our Beta Readers had to say about the novel:

“I was so enveloped by the story and felt that wonderful feeling where the world melts away and you are one with the characters and plot. I cannot wait for the second book (and this one isn't even out yet!) to see where everyone's story goes.”

You’re going to love your journey into the world of Continua! THE SEVENTH CADENCE is coming on Oct. 8th, 2021.




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