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The Fear Audiobook Available Now!

Hey, Worldhoppers!

Spencer Hamilton is extended family for Emergent Realms. Not only has he been an editor for some of our projects, but he’s also a constant cheerleader for what we’re doing here. So when he came to us to help him do a few, last-minute touches on his audiobook, The Fear, last year, our answer was an emphatic “yes!”

The Fear is a pandemic horror novel—a story that especially resonates in 2020-2021 but has real lasting terror.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Two women quarantined together. A world falling into chaos.

When a virus sweeps across the globe, Ash and Jack must each face their fears. Married and isolated in one small apartment, each woman grows restless, claustrophobic and paranoid.

As the horror outside their door ramps up to apocalyptic levels, inside Jack is slowly unraveling. She shuts herself away and fears everything. Fears the virus has crawled its way inside, down her throat, into the lining of her stomach. Ash is afraid, too—afraid of what her increasingly erratic wife will do to her.

In a pandemic none of us are ready for, should we fear the outside world . . . or what's waiting within?

From the author who brought you stories of literary horror and weird in Kitchen Sink comes Spencer Hamilton's debut novel, The Fear.

If you’ve been searching for your next horror read and you love audiobooks, don’t sleep on The Fear!

Click or copy the link below and feel The Fear!


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