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New Year's Resolution V&B Sale

Hey, Worldhoppers!

One of the big new year’s resolutions we and all our friends constantly make is the resolution to read more books. We visit our local bookstores and libraries, load up our eReaders, and set our Goodreads challenges.

2021 is no different. And for those of us who are avid readers, reading more books is an automatic assumption that’s not worth wasting a resolution over.

To that end, Emergent Realms is holding our 1st Annual New Year’s Resolution Sale!

Each year, we’ll pick a title from our catalog and discount it to help you get started on your reading goal for the new year.

If you’ve been eying this title and looking for an excuse to pick it up, now is the perfect opportunity. But I recommend you grab it now because the sale ends on January 9th!

One dollar for Vile & Blessed is a sweet deal, but we’re also offering 5% off your entire order when you buy from the Emergent Realms merch store. If there’s something in the store you’re already interested in, this is an extra discount!

Just use coupon code: 2021

This offer is valid through all of 2021, and we’ll be dropping new merch designs throughout the year. So you might want to save it for later. But don’t forget about it!

The Emergent Realms team is excited for 2021 and our first full year with you.

Happy New Year!


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