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Hey, Worldhoppers!

We’ve been excitedly holding back a bit of news, and the time has finally come to let you know that there’s another author on the Emergent Realms roster!

Please welcome, E. R. Ellis III.

We began working with Ellis in 2020, and we loved the scope of the world he was building. Full of action and character growth, the first book we received from him has been a joy to develop and we felt like he was ready to begin his author journey in earnest.

And it’s a happy coincidence that Emergent Realms and E. R. Ellis III shares the same initials.

E.R. Ellis III, who simply goes by Gene, is from the South Shore region of Massachusetts. New England born and raised, he studied business at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont while harboring his love for creative writing. Gene has always been a fantasy nerd but also has a love of science fiction, which he would claim has the simple flaw of lacking sufficient swords and dragons. He is a storyteller by nature which makes him admittedly long-winded in conversation. His other hobbies include board games, video games, a bit of sports and television, and spending time with his wife and kids.

Keep an eye out for Ellis’s first novel. We’re currently anticipating a late 2022 release!

Until then, you can follow him on social media:


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