MERCH DROP: Nerdy Reader T-Shirt

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hey, Worldhoppers!

After seeing your support for our store, we decided to offer you a new category that’s meant to bring you shirts, hoodies, and other products that’s for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans in general. So we opened a new merch category called “Bibliophile.”

We loved making shirts and hoodies for Vile & Blessed, and we’re excited to extend our efforts to serve you a little more broadly.

Our first offering in that category is the Nerdy Reader t-shirt. It’s available in a unisex long-sleeve shirt and in a short-sleeve t-shirt that’s specifically cut for women.

Nerdy Reader Long Sleeve Shirt

Nerdy Reader Women’s T-Shirt

This is a pretty specific set of options, so these two items might not before you, but if they are something that you’re looking for, they’ll be available a serval different colors to suit a color void you’ve been lo