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MERCH DROP: Libraries Make Shhh Happen T-Shirt and Hoodie

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hey, Worldhoppers!

Libraries are literally one of our favorite places. Pre-pandemic, we got a lot of our writing done there, and as soon as they re-open, we’ll be back, typing furiously so that we can bring you more stories. Until then, we wanted to show our deep appreciation for public libraries in a very cool way by celebrating them with our second Bibliophile merch drop.

The t-shirt is available in our 100% Cotton, Eco-Friendly, and Premium variants. The hoodie and t-shirt are both available in a few different colors to help you fill the color void in your closet.

Grab this t-shirt and hoodie now, and make sure to wear it during your next visit to your public library. You’ll earn a few extra brownie points with your local librarian.


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