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A Thanksgiving Message

Hey, Worldhoppers!

It’s Thanksgiving Day, so I’ll keep this short.

The Emergent Realms team is so very grateful for everyone who has supported and cheered us on as we launched our story lab this year.

We only just got started this summer and released one book this year because we had a late start. Because… you know… 2020.

And we had a little nugget join the team, so we needed to take a brief production hiatus so that we could welcome him into the world.

But we’re getting back in the lab in January so we can bring you the sequel to Vile & Blessed and another fantasy series we’re absolutely sure you’ll fall in love with.

Storytelling is a team effort. Our stories mean absolutely nothing without you to bring them to life in your imaginations. And we promise to continue delivering stories as long as you are willing to read them.

So from the Emergent Realms team: Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

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