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Women Who Write: 6 Indie Books by Female Authors

Updated: Mar 16

This month we have a fresh list of indie books for your TBR brought to you by guest blogger, Jamedi.


In general, in the SFF genre, female authors tend to be overlooked. So, in honor of Women's History Month, here’s a list of 6 indie books that are written by female authors to spice up your March reading.

Undine’s Blessing by Tessa Hastjarjanto

A dutiful daughter, a mystical archipelago, and a hidden power waiting to command the tides...

Marella spends her days caring for her sick mother and selling her father's fish. Bound by duty and love, she dreams little of adventure. But when her mother must travel to the city for treatment, her father takes her out to sea, despite her fear of water. A storm steers them to Emberrain, home to a tribe of magical nymphs and a place of secrets, where Marella discovers a startling truth: her father is a frequent visitor to these mysterious islands. Soon, she learns that Emberrain isn't the only secret he had kept from her. Marella has the power to control water and communicate with aquatic animals. Overwhelmed by the magical but dangerous islands and the secrets of her father, Marella must learn to harness her powers to save herself and her new aquatic friend before they are separated from their parents forever. Undine's Blessing is a journey of wonder where fears are faced and mysteries unravel, and a young girl learns that true adventure begins when you dare to embrace who you truly are.


No Land For Heroes by Cal Black

Mildred Berry is down to her last four bullets…

In a wild west where the only things more dangerous than outlaws are dragons, Deputy Berry is struggling to protect her town and keep her family fed. As a last resort, she robs a train for ammunition, only to find that the cargo she needs so badly was owned by war hero Frederic Rousseau—the same Frederic Rousseau she served during the Amelior Civil War. The same Frederic Rousseau she’s been hiding from for the last five years. Millie knows a secret that could ruin Rousseau’s life, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her from telling the truth. With her violent past bearing down on the life she’s built for herself, Millie has to decide how far she’ll be willing to go to keep her town safe.


The bones of the dead hold stories...

On the fringes of Errigal, Morana longs to exchange a life of hiding for a peaceful one with her husband, Percy. While Percy's bloodgift lets him grow plants and heal broken bodies, Morana's a boneweaver, despised and feared because she can hear bones and raise the dead. Morana doesn't want to be seen as a villain from the old stories and instead spends her time gardening, writing the stories of the dead, and fending off a spiteful chicken. Morana and Percy's lives are shattered when a group of Failinis tasked with capturing boneweavers and rogue bloodgifted find them. On the run and battling the elements, ancient creatures, and the loss of all they called home, Morana and Percy search for any sanctuary left in Errigal. Morana must choose between the call in her blood or the family she holds so close to her heart if she and Percy are to survive.

Sea of Souls by N.C. Scrimgeour

Dark be the water, and darker still the creatures that lurk within…

Free-spirited Isla Blackwood has never accepted the shackles of her family’s nobility. Instead, she sails the open waters, searching for belonging on the waves. But when tragedy calls Isla home, she realizes she can no longer escape the duty she’s been running from. Selkie raiders have been terrorizing the island’s coasts, and when they strike at Blackwood Estate, Isla is forced to flee with her hot-headed brother and brooding swordmaster. To avenge her family and reclaim her home, Isla will have to set aside old grudges and join forces with an exiled selkie searching for a lost pelt. The heirloom might be the key to stopping the bloody conflict—but only if they can steal it from the island’s most notorious selkie hunter, the Grand Admiral himself. Caught between a promise to the brother she once left behind and an unlikely friendship with the selkie who should have been her enemy, Isla soon realizes the open seas aren’t the only treacherous waters she’ll need to navigate. As enemies close in on all sides, she must decide once and for all where her loyalties lie if she wants to save what’s left of her family—and find the belonging she’s been searching for.

If Light Above by Lily Anne Crow


The kingdom's only hopes are a wounded soldier, a dead-beat noble, and a killer...

Osmund Benwickery, former captain general in the king’s army, burdened by a useless left arm and a dwindling sense of self-worth, has been hired for the most important job of his life. The young queen is dead, the newborn prince is missing, and the king has narrowly survived assassination. Osmund must solve the treacherous plot before either the infant prince is lost forever or the king’s assassins return—and succeed. Phrai, a hired blade with a bloody reputation, wants nothing more than to numb the pain of the past. Tamrion Kinto, an idealistic young nobleman with a clever tongue, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When their paths intertwine, Phrai and Tamrion find themselves dragged into dangerous complications that will change the way they view the world, themselves, and each other. Shinowyn Alva, castle seamstress and dressmaker to the late queen, slips among the shadows, watching the deadly game of power unfolding in the capital city. But what secrets does Shinowyn hide behind her peculiar smile and mismatched eyes? Is she simply another pawn, or will she have the nerve to play? The game is conspiracy and the pieces are set. As Fate weaves these four lives together, events unfold that will threaten their kingdom and challenge their very beliefs. Can they put aside their differences and band together long enough to hold back the darkness?

The Awakening Fire by Cassidy Faline

Even though the Ancients have been gone from the world for nearly a thousand years, their law still holds sway over the minds of men.

Three men hold a claim on the kingdom's empty throne, each jockeying for power with their own conflicting ideology. With unrest brewing among the citizenry, violence breaking out between the lords, and a dark secret kept just under the palace floors, can the kingdom of Retall survive another war of the Ancients?

We bet you'll find your next amazing read from this list! Be sure to check everything out and support an indie author! Still want more? No worries, we've got you covered.


Jamedi is a book blogger and devourer of books always eager to explore new worlds!



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