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Weremage (Nightblade #5) Audiobook Available Now

Hey, Worldhoppers!

We have another audiobook ready for you! If you’ve been listening to the Nightblade Saga by Garrett Robinson, there’s good news: Book 5, Weremage is now ready for you!

Treachery demands justice

From number-one Amazon best seller Garrett Robinson

Woe be to traitors, for now the High King has an agent of retribution: Loren of the family Nelda is now the Nightblade.

Ever since Loren first left the Birchwood Forest, the merchant Damaris has hounded her steps. Now Damaris has committed high treason and begun a civil war, and Loren has been sent to bring her before the King’s law.

At Loren’s side is a party of Mystics, capable warriors all. For the first time, she finds herself an agent of the realm rather than a criminal within it. But that brings no promise of safety, for all the nine lands are now a danger to any traveler.

In the far western reaches of the kingdom of Feldemar, battle lines will be drawn. And an unseen presence that has dogged Loren’s steps for countless leagues will be revealed.

The fantasy novels of the Nightblade Epic have topped the best seller charts again and again, and are hailed as one of the best new sword and sorcery series in years.

Take the next step in the epic adventure.


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