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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hey, Worldhoppers!

We love artwork at Emergent Realms. A lot. And one of the primary staples of secondary world fantasy is a map to help you stay oriented in the world you’re entering when you pick up a high fantasy novel.

VILE & BLESSED by A H Serrano takes place in Anmerilian, so naturally, we had to provide you with a glimpse of the world.

The country of Anmerilian, your first destination on your trip to Eszailha, is divided into four provinces: North West, North East, South West, and South East. It’s a military oligarchy with a head general from each of the four provinces. 

VILE & BLESSED takes place in the port city of Tuerçic in the North West Province. 

Anmerilian’s original map was made by our friend, Mel, and recently redone based on her design by Nefarious Creations!

You’re going to love your journey into the world of Eszailha! VILE & BLESSED is coming on Oct. 30th, 2020. Click Here to pre-order it now!


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