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VILE & BLESSED Cover Reveal

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hey, Worldhoppers!

Today is my favorite day because we finally get a look at the official cover art for VILE & BLESSED, book one of The Vile & Blessed Trilogy by A H Serrano.

Even though Emergent Realms is a fiction book publisher, we’re very visual, and we absolutely LOVE a great illustration. (Don’t even get us started on how much money we spend on creating great artwork for our stories.)

Our amazing artist is Nell Fallcard. You can check out her work at

Here's the synopsis for VILE & BLESSED:

A Cursed Existence. An Insidious Spirit. A Hidden Land.

There has never been an Anmerilian born without ability. 

Never, until River Kennry. 

River has no place in a world where worth is measured by the power of one’s ability. He is an anomaly and an outcast, afflicted by an ailment no one can see or explain. Caught in the unrelenting hold of his government, he falls further into the pit of hopelessness as he wrestles with the mysteries of his past.

After a fated meeting with a cryptic stranger, River realizes the only way to uncover his past is to return to the Institute—the very place that scarred and violated him. And if he goes back, it could mean forfeiting his life.

But could everyone be wrong about him? Though he remains untouched by power, there is something inside him. Something alive and entangled with secrets that could upset the balance of everything his generation has ever known to be true.

We’re excited to get this story into your hands. My wife has caught me dancing in my office several times already because I can’t contain my excitement.

A H Serrano’s debut dark fantasy novel, VILE & BLESSED, releases October 30, 2020. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of her writing adventures.

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