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The Firemage's Vengeance (The Academy Journals #3) Audiobook Available Now!

Hey, Worldhoppers!

Last year, we teamed up with Legacy Books to produce several audiobooks in the world of Underrealm by Garrett Robinson, and today I want to tell you about The Firemage’s Vengeance (The Academy Journals #3).

Here’s the official synopsis:

The academy killer returns.

Underrealm's Academy for Wizards is in mourning after students and instructors alike have been murdered in its halls, but the killer is now far away across the nine kingdoms - or so they believe.

When Ebon learns of a new threat within the Academy, he and his friends must work quickly to stop it - for if anyone knows the terrible secret they conceal, they could all be put to death.

As the school's danger looms, and Ebon faces increasing suspicion from the new Dean, he must infiltrate the family Yerrin and learn a dark truth if he hopes to survive.

The pulse-pounding conclusion to the first Academy Journals trilogy will keep you up through the night to the very last minute.

Of course, I recommend picking up and reading the first two installments first, but once you read them, you’ll want to complete the adventure by reading the 3rd installment. And audiobooks are a great way to experience this epic tale.

If you’d love a story that feels like The Forgotten Realms and Harry Potter rain into each other head-on, then The Academy Journals is definitely for you!

Click or copy the link below to join the adventure!


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