New VILE & BLESSED Merch Available Now!

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hey Worldhoppers,

Last year, after the launch of Vile & Blessed by A H Serrano, we made t-shirts featuring the novel’s characters. You loved what we made and bought some of the items we made available.

Back then, we weren’t sure anyone would actually be interested in having merch. We were interested in having it ourselves. I definitely want to curl up in my favorite River t-shirt and crack open a book, but the fact that you wanted to do that too was a pleasant surprise.

In light of your support, we wanted to go ahead offer the designs you loved with new items: hoodies and mugs.

It’s getting warmer outside here on the east coast of the USA, so Hoodies and Mugs may not be what you associate with this time of year. But we couldn’t wait, and we decided we’d go ahead make these now since the t-shirts were already available.

Vile & Blessed Title Unisex Hoodie

River Unisex Hoodie