EXCERPT: Vile & Blessed by A H Serrano

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hey, Worldhoppers!

We can’t believe that it’s less than a month before our pilot epic leaves the runway. We’re diligently putting things together for you on the backend at ER HQ, but while you wait, we wanted to share a bit of the story with you—a bit more than just the synopsis.

That’s right. It’s excerpt time.

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Vile & Blessed

Chapter 1

Ice-cold water, a remnant of the high winter season, nipped at River Kennry’s ankles as he stood on the shore of the Tributary DioViend. The roar of the rushing water did nothing to block the voices in his head—Susurrus, as he had come to call them. They had come to him when he was young, when he’d become broken. One, at first, then more. His constant reminder of what he was and what he would never be. They taunted and soothed, their voices so intertwined that sometimes he couldn’t tell if they even spoke words.

He took another step into the tributary. The voices faded, if only slightly, as the icy water curled higher. Another step—more peace. He walked until the freezing water swirled around his thighs. The voices were only a distant whisper now. He dipped his fingers into the water. It sparked against his skin as it curled around each of his fingers; like a curious water creature, it was slippery and always just out of reach, despite being so close.

Then, as it always did, it fled. The slippery feel of it jetted past his legs and out into deeper water toward… River straightened, his eyes following the path he imagined the water took. Stretched before him, close enough to feel yet too far to reach, was the avauris. It settled like a thick fog today, though sometimes it was as thin as a fine mist. It seemed to dance as it hovered, touching the water, then leaping up; twisting into senseless shapes, then smoothing into an endless haze.